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We are pleased to offer you special conditions with the opening of a current account in Expobank JSC Belgrade. All clients who open a current account for receiving earnings in Expobank JSC Belgrade have the opportunity to use a whole set of credit products under privileged terms, of which we highlight the Cash package plus.

The Cash package plus includes:

  • Allowed overdraft per current account at the rate of one monthly earnings. The monthly fee for maintaining the current account is only RSD 120.
  • Dina debit card.
  • Dina credit card with privileged terms and conditions
  • Cash loan with a repayment period of up to 8 years and a fixed interest rate of 12,5% per annum (EIR from 13,12%).
    • The loan is in dinars, without currency clause with a fixed interest rate for the entire repayment period.
    • The cost of withdrawing reports from the Credit Bureau is RSD 246.
    • Collateral security consists of two blank bill of exchange (bills of exchange costs RSD 100).
    • The amount of the loan can be from RSD 120.000 to RSD 1.450.000 in a sum with an approved credit limit per credit card.
A representative example of the Cash package plus
Type of loan Cash loan in RSD
Loan currency In dinars without currency clause
Deposit No deposit
Loan amount RSD 300.000 RSD 600.000
Maturity 95 months 95 months
Monthly annuity RSD 4.879 RSD 9.757
Total amount for repayment RSD 464.331 RSD 928.662
Nominal interest rate (annuall, fixed) 12,5% 12,5%
Effective interest rate (annually) from 13,74%  from 13,12%
Other costs
Basic report from the Credit Bureau RSD 246 RSD 246
Bill of exchange (two of them) RSD 100 RSD 100
Monthly maintenance of current account RSD 120 RSD 120
The cost of issuing a credit card RSD 800 RSD 800

The special conditions for the Dina credit card and overdraft on the current account is presented on the Bank's website. Detailed offer can be obtained in the branches of Expobank JSC Belgrade.

The special advantage of Expobank JSC Belgrade is the quick realization of your requests, with complete documentation the loan is being realized on the same day when the request is submitted.

Loan calculator
Interest rate (%):
Loan amount:
No of rate:
Amount of annuity:
Referentne kamatne stope
3M BELIBOR 2.97%
3M EURIBOR-0.311%
6M EURIBOR-0.242%
6M LIBOR - CHF-0.6564%
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