Header Eskont menica i platni promet sa inostranstvom

Currency: RSD
Target Market:Legal entities
Terms of product approval: Depend on customer’s creditworthiness, both drawee and drawer
Amount: According to customer’s needs and creditworthiness, when necessary, based on the decision of Credit Committee, discount value should be paid partially, and the rest of funds from total discount value after realization of bill of exchange.
Repayment period: Up to 12 months
Discount Rate: According to document "Interest Rates"
Contracted Interest rate for delay: Contracted Interest rate for delay is calculated according to document "Interest rates".

Calculation of discount rate on discount of B/E Discount of B/E is debited with the following discount rate and interest:

  • Discount rate – is calculated and collected at the moment of releasing the funds, by releasing decreased amount of the funds in the amount of discounted value.

Security instruments
Required security instruments depending on customer’s creditworthiness:

  • B/E
  • Guarantors
  • Mortgages
  • Cash collateral
  • Pledge
  • Assignment of receivables
  • Counter – Guarantee
  • Other collateral