Header Privreda

Currency: RSD
Target Market: Legal entities
Terms of product approval: Depends on customer’s creditworthiness
Amount: According to customer’s needs and creditworthiness 
Repayment period: Avalized draft can be issued long term when it is in favor of Public Institutions and Public Companies. For other legal entities Avalized draft will be short term.
Fees: According to document “Fees and Commissions”.

Calculation of fees
Fee is calculated and charged:

  • in advance, one-off payment
  • quarterly, in advance and on the last day of the current quarter for the following quarter

Contracted Interest rate for delay: Contracted Interest rate for delay is calculated according to document “Interest rates”.

Security instruments
Required security instruments depending on customer’s creditworthiness:

  • B/E
  • Guarantors
  • Mortgages
  • Cash collateral
  • Pledge
  • Assignment of receivables
  • Counter – Guarantee
  • Other collateral