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For executing outgoing payments, customers (resident - legal entities) must submit the following to the Bank:

  • Signed and stamped certified payment order  (in line with the Contract between the Bank and the Client on the use of the seal) in accordance with Instructions for the implementation of the Decision on conditions and manner of performing international payment operations (RS official Gazette No. 24/2007, 31/2007, 41/2007, 3/2008, 61/82008, 120/2008, 38/2010, 92/2011, 62/2013, 51/2015,111/2015 and 82/2017);
  • Documentation proving the payment purpose (agreement, pro-forma invoice, invoice; custom statement; forms on international credit operations certified by NBS, etc.). 

Non-resident customers have to provide the Bank with payment instructions signed and stamped (in line with the Contract between the Bank and the Client on the use of the seal) on their letterhead together with supporting documentation.
Payment orders secured with coverage for payment, charged in accordance with Bank’s Tariff Policy, supported with relevant documents and received by the Bank in hard copy by 2 p.m. will be executed on the same working day. Orders received thereafter will be executed the next working day.

Payment orders can be delivered to the Bank as follows: 

  • In person
  • Electronically
  • By mail

In case the payment order is sent electronically, the customer is obliged to deliver the supporting documents to the Bank as soon as possible.

Payment Order - pdf
Payment Order - excel

Notification on payment in EU country
List of correspodent banks