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Bank’s L/I for:

  • repayment of advance payment
  • for good performing of the job
  • for defect eliminations in warranty period
  • for any other business need for issuing L/I which is acceptable for the Bank

Which could be:

  • without obligation for the Bank

Currency: RSD, EUR, CHF, USD, in foreign currency or with currency clause
Target Market: Legal entities
Terms of product approval: Depend on the customer’s creditworthiness
Amount: According to Customer’s needs and creditworthiness
Fees: According to Fees and Commissions
Default Interest: Default interest is calculated according to legal regulations

Calculation of fees
Fee is calculated and charged:

  • in advance, one-off payment

Security instruments
Required security instruments depending on customer’s creditworthiness:

  • B/E
  • Guarantors
  • Mortgages
  • Cash collateral
  • Pledge
  • Assignment of receivables
  • Counter – Guarantee
  • Other collateral
  • Without any security instrument