Header Revolving linija

Type: With FX Clause, in foreign currency, in RSD

Currency: RSD, EUR, CHF, USD, JPY, GBP, CAD, AUD, in foreign currency and indexed
Target Market: Legal entities
Terms of product approval: Depend on the customer’s creditworthiness 
Repayment period: Up to 36 months
Amount: According to customer’s needs and creditworthiness
Interest rate: According to document “Interest Rates”
Contracted Interest rate for delay: Contracted Interest rate for delay is calculated according to document “Interest rates”.
Repayment Method for Loans: Disbursement and repayment of the loan is on customer’s request, with condition that whole amount could not be higher than defined amount in revolving line contract, and maturity date also with condition that maximum clean up period for loans is 12 months.   
Fees: According to document “Fees and Commissions”
Calculation of fees: Fee is calculated and charged:

  • in advance, one-off payment
  • quarterly, in advance and on the last day of the current quarter for the following quarter

Calculation of interest: According to type of placement and contract

Security instruments
Required security instruments depending on customer’s creditworthiness: 

  • B/E
  • Guarantors
  • Mortgages
  • Cash collateral
  • Pledge
  • Assignment of receivables
  • Counter – Guarantee
  • Other collateral

Documentation which proves that the loan has been used for the contracted purpose
The customer is obliged to submit to the bank Invoice, pro-forma invoice, single administrative document and other requested documentation if necessary according to regulations and/or Bank’s policy.