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eBanking Personal is a modern service electronic channels tailor-made for private individuals enabling that your bank accounts are always with you wherever you are, regardless of the bank's working hours.

Easily and quickly make a payment, transfer funds to another account, check account balance and turnover on the accounts or transfer funds to another currency using the WEB application, at any time, without having to come to the Bank.

Be informed in real time about inflow on your bank account or payment cards usage through SMS alerts.

Benefits of eBanking Personal services:

  • Low charge for transactions made through electronic banking
  • Orders are received 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Orders are executed Timetable of Operations
  • Electronic Exchange Office
  • Information about the account balance and transactions available 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Overview of transactions in the stated period
  • Maximum protection of data and transactions
  • Authorization of transactions via SMS code
  • Account information through info channels
  • Time saving
  • Overview loan and repayment plan

If you decide to become a customer of eBanking Personal service, it is necessary to choose Standard or Premium account package and fill the request form for e-Banking Personal.

Additional information about account packages can be found in section Retail - Accounts.

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