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Payroll account in Expobank can be used to receive salaries and other earnings from employment, cash deposits and other inflows to the account as well as for withdrawals and payments within the funds available on the account.

Following a simple procedure for account opening use the following account benefits:

  • Funds from the account are available at any time, at Expobank ATMs, with no fee for cash withdrawals with debit cards.
  • Dina debit card is issued at client's request without fee for card issuing.
  • Lower interest rates on credit products for households (cash, consumer, auto loans, refinancing, credit cards and mortgages).
  • The possibility of applying for an overdraft on current account at favorable terms.
  • The possibility of applying for the package account and gain additional benefits on that basis.

Opening and closing of current payroll account is not charged while a monthly fee for current account maintenance is charged with RSD 120.

To open payroll account the following documentation is needed:

  • For employees: A valid identity card or passport
  • For pensioners: A photocopy of the last pension check or decision on retirement (in case of the first pension check) and a valid identity card or passport

If you need any additional information, please dial 0800 330 300 * or +381 11 3306 300 ** or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we shall provide you with all the necessary information about the Bank's services and assistance in their use. Call center working hours are from 08h to 17h on weekdays and from 09h to 13h on Saturday.

*   Free call from the national fixed telephony
** At local call price

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