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  • Quick loan approval process
  • The amount of loan from RSD 600.000 to RSD 6.000.000
  • Loan security:
    • Two accepted blank bill of exchange,
    • Mortgage on the real estate market valued twice the amount of the loan.
  • Customer permanently employed at least one year in continuity and at least six months at same company. The same applies to a potential guarantor.
  • Customer and guarantor can’t be a pensioner at the same time.
  • The loan is granted to the customers who have been duly servicing their obligations, with delay in payment no longer than 60 days cumulative.
  • Minimum amount of net monthly average salary/pension is RSD 20.000
  • The interest rate is variable and adjusted every 6 months, depending on the movement of 6M Belibor.
  • Repayment period from 12 to 95 months
  • Other costs (expected amount):
    • The cost of the report of the Credit Bureau - RSD 246
    • The cost of two blank bill of exchange  - RSD 100
    • For clients who choose to receive earnings through Expobank JSC Belgrade, the minimum cost of maintaining the current account is RSD 120
    • Verification of a pledge statement - RSD 25.200
    • Real estate insurance - per year - EUR 40
    • Issue of real estate list - EUR 10
    • Estimation of value of real estate - EUR 100
    • Registration of a mortgage (from RSD 20.000 to 50.000) - RSD 20.000
    • Discharge of mortgage - RSD 2.520
A representative example
Type of loan Cash loan
Loan currency In dinars without currency clause
Deposit No deposit
Loan amount RSD 2.000.000
Maturity Up to 95 months
Monthly annuity RSD 27.909
Total amount for repayment RSD 2.654.972
Nominal interest rate (annual, variable) 4,5%+6M Belibor, on 16.01.2019. is 7,69%
Effective interest rate (annually) as of 16.01.2019.  from 9,19%
Other costs
Basic report from the Credit Bureau RSD 246
Bill of exchange (two of them) RSD 100
Monthly maintenance of current account -

Detailed offer for other loan amounts can be obtained at all Expobank JSC Belgrade branches.

All amounts stated in EUR are calculated at the middle exchange rate of the NBS on the day of payment.

Loan calculator
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