With your VISA Gold credit card you can pay goods and services or withdraw cash up to your available credit limit in the country or abroad. Credit limit is approved in dinars (without FX clauses or RPI).

Conditions depend on the type of customer; chose the type you belong to:

  • Clients who receive salary / pension through Expobank JSC Belgrade or hold at least EUR 500 in their savings account may obtaint a credit limit according to his creditworthiness, increased by a deposit which is not compulsory.
  • Clients who do not receive salary / pension through our Bank can be granted a credit limit according to his creditworthiness.
  • Clients with a 100% deposit with our Bank are granted a credit equivalent to the amount of the deposit.

Conditions for VISA Gold credit approval:

  • Minimum amount of credit is EUR 500, maximum is EUR 10.000
  • The repayment of the debit balance is made by a Revolving loan.
  • You choose the number and amount of installments when repaying the loan, the minimum monthly installment is 5,00% (1/20) on the used portion of the credit increased by relevant costs.
  • Credit installment cannot be less than RSD 1.000
  • You can withdraw your credit funds many times within the approved limit until the expiry date of the card
  • Deferred payments up to 45 days are interest free
  • Besides the primay card you can have two additional cards for individuals that you authorize
  • Customers and non-customers of the Bank may increase their credit limit by making a deposit not lower than EUR 100
Representative example for clients who receive salary/pension through  Expobank JSC Belgrade, calculated on 01/07/2019
Type Visa Gold Credit Card
Approved credit limit 300.000,00 RSD
Currency in which the obligations are paid RSD
Period 24 months
The criteria for indexing None
Nominal interest rate 26,01% annual fixed
The calculated effective interest rate 28,73%
The percentage of revolving 5%
The first installment 20.659,52 RSD
The sum of principal, interest, fees and other costs 384.352,69 RSD
Other cost paid by the client: 
  • The annual membership fee 3.500 RSD (calculated for 2 years in the amount of 7.000 RSD)
  • Credit Bureau 246 RSD
  • Bill of exchange 50 RSD
  • Relaxing your budget when making high value purchases
  • Access to your funds 24/7
  • Facilitates payments compared to cash payments
  • You can monitor your spending (where, when and how much)
  • When making payments abroad you do not need to exchange your money for the local currency as the bank will automatically convert the relevant amount in dinars and debit your account (exchanging rate 1%)
  • Card is with Chip technology-secured guaranteed
  • SMS information for each transaction